Recruitment Process Outsourcing

In the job market it’s a challenge for everyone to add top notch candidates to your company teams. We can help you find and bind those perfect matches. Ever thought about Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)? At Recruitment Process Outsourcing we facilitate the entire (or part of your) recruitment process. One of our specialized colleagues will be temporarily added to your team. We take care of the screening and selection, conducting interviews, we advise and, where necessary, we provide housing for expats. Our RPO Consultant will come to work for you in-house, which means that the lines are short. But it’s also possible to do so remotely or partially onsite.

What exactly is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

To get straight to the point: RPO cannot be compared with interim recruitment. Where interim recruitment focuses on filling one or more vacancies, Recruitment Process Outsourcing provides you with a temporary full-fledged colleague. This colleague supports or fulfills your (entire) recruitment process. Our specialty in this process is establishing a connection. Your new TTR colleague will delve into your company culture and will find you candidates who not only match in terms of the qualities he/she adds, but who also fits into the team in terms of personality. The added value of RPO is that you not only outsource the recruitment activities, but that you enter into a partnership with a specialized party.

As an RPO specialist, The Talent Recruiters knows better than anyone else how to define what is needed in the field of Recruitment in your organization. The Recruitment issues in your company can change, just like the job market is constantly changing. When this gradually happens during the RPO process, we adapt to this and will take your company along in it.

What are the biggest pro’s of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

Why choose The Talent Recruiters as your Recruitment Process Outsourcing partner?

Choosing The Talent Recruiters is choosing a committed, personal partner. We don’t only seek connections with our professionals, but also with our clients. We make sure that we understand your company culture. Just like the atmosphere in the company (and the different teams) and the mentality among your existing colleagues. Our RPO Consultant has an extensive network and knows how to get exactly the right candidate to the table that matches your company in terms of both competencies and personality. In this way we help you to achieve stable growth in your teams!

Why others choose The Talent Recruiters

Meet our RPO Consultants

We have a great team of Recruitment Specialists. With diverse characters and approach, but with a common factor: they all have tons of Recruitment expertise at their disposal!


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How our RPO Consults experience a RPO project

Also looking for a RPO collaboration that seamlessly matches your wishes?

I would be happy to take you through all the options for a suitable solution for your recruitment issue! My name is Lars Broeders and I am Team Lead (RPO) Recruitment. I believe in the power of RPO because I believe in the power of my team. I would be happy to enter into a no-obligation conversation to see if we also have the perfect recruitment specialist for your organization.


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