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The Talent Recruiters facilitates part of the recruitment process by e.g. screening, conducting interviews, advising andwhere necessaryarranging housing for expats. This can be done remotely but it is also possible to hire a recruitment consultant onsitto boost your own recruitment proces

Ever thought about RPO?

One of our recruiters will become your temporary colleague and will take on your corporate recruitment. They will fill permanent vacancies as part of the team.

In need of an interim recruiter in the team? Experienced, specialized recruiters with an extensive network work at The Talent Recruiters. These colleagues can be added to your team temporarily and take on your recruitment proces.The main advantage is that our recruiter really becomes a temporary member of the team, he or she gets to know your company and corporate culture through and through. This allows him/her to help your team grow with professionals who really fit your company.


Lars Broeders – Lead Recruitment Consultant

Meet our recruiters

Experienced, professional, empathetic.

Meet our recruiters!

LinkedIn Sophie Goldenbeld
Talent Sourcer / RPO Recruiter
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LinkedIn Marieke Baijens
More about Marieke
LinkedIn Kees van der Struijk
Recruiter Technology
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LinkedIn Jennifer Kremers
Talent Sourcer
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Testimonial from our client about our RPO Recruitment:

Sophie is a pleasure to work with, quick in her communication and really focused on a good ollaboration. She knows how to find and present the right profile , connects professionally with the business and knows how to interest candidates. Thanks in part to her help with sourcing, we managed to fill a number of challenging ICT vacancies.”

Celine Beringen | Recruiter at DAS

Curious about the possibilities?

Then contact me! We can discuss the recruitment needs in a meeting, so that we can come up with a proposal and make a match with the most suitable recruiter!

LinkedIn Lars Broeders
Team Lead Recruitment
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