Marketing Communicatie Specialist

I remember well that I had my job interview with Monique and Maikel. The click was there right away, halfway through the conversation I slipped a few times and talked about us when I was talking about The Talent Recruiters instead of you! For me that is also the reason that I feel so much at home with this company, the click that I already had at the first meeting and that I also feel between the team members. I really like the atmosphere, for input you walk past your colleagues (or make a teams call). I am the only one in the company who is involved in marketing, but my other colleagues are very involved (and fortunately still eager to join in with my ideas). I like that I have a lot of responsibility and freedom, but that it always feels like working together as a team. I love the office here on the High Tech Campus, the campus is a really fantastic environment to work in. We also have the option to partially work from home, which is often very practical. But office days are still favorite!

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