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We are happy to find the recruitment solution that suits the organization, whether this is for permanent or temporary roles, or for other outstanding needs. We are pleased to think along in:



Interim assignments

We have a wide network of highly educated, experienced freelancers and interim professionals who carry out projects on a temporary basis.

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Recruitment and selection

We are happy to help you (immediately) find new permanent employees who match in terms of qualities and who also add value in terms of mentality and corporate culture.

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Preliminary Secondment & Secondment Assignments

Experienced consultants who directly contribute to the growth and success of your organization. Temporarily via secondment, or with the option of taking over the professional after a pre-agreed period via the detavast construction. We offer this service under our other label True Blue Consultancy.

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Proud of our clients!

At The Talent Recruiters we are proud of all our clients, or as we prefer to call them: partners, who we work with. Within our company, investing in sustainable relationships is central. In the six years that The Talent Recruiters has existed, we have been able to build up a nice network of partners. Because we are a small company, the relationship is personal and the lines are short. We work from the vision of our founder Monique Oomen to enter into a valuable relationship based on openness and honesty, based on mutual respect. Some relationships have been growing for thirty years from her network and that of our commercial manager Maikel de Vrindt. We are happy to continue this course by continuing to invest in valuable relationships with our current and new partners. Some of the clients we work with are:

Why choose The Talent Recruiters?

By choosing The Talent Recruiters you choose a recruitment partner for the long term. We like to invest in relationships and work on the basis of mutual respect and trust. We are transparent about our working methods and processes and like to think along about the best solutions.  

Committed partner 

The Talent Recruiters consists of a team of enthusiastic colleagues. Are you looking for that one needle in the haystack? Our recruiters and recruitment consultants are on a mission to find him or her! In doing so, we not only look at the hard job requirements but also immerse ourselves in the corporate culture to find a candidate who fits perfectly based on both skills and personality. 

We gladly deepen the relationship with our partners. We do this by looking into the future together and map out the needs in the short and long term. We help our clients achieve their objectives by providing them with the right advice and the most suitable solution, we act as an extension of the company. We think with you, help and advise. 

Proud and dedicated 

At The Talent Recruiters we have a passion for our work and are proud of the sectors and specialitiets in which we operate. This passion is expressed in the drive we show in acting as a partner for our existing and new customers. This also shows in the enthusiasm we have in collaborating with our professionals. All our colleagues work from their own strength and specialism but find eachother in the fact that we are all responsible and collaborate to find the best solutions together. Our whole team strives for the best result. 


We are the uniting factor between your organization and the top talent that will be working for you. We work with experienced, specialized professionals who immediately add value to the company. The Talent Recruiters is a relatively young company, but consists of an experienced team that has invested in their relationships for years and now uses this strong network for The Talent Recruiters. Our enthusiastic professionals are ready for their next challenge! 

Would you also like to become our partner? 

We would love that! Contact us and we will be happy to schedule an introduction to discuss the possibilities. We mediate in freelance assignments, secondment, preliminary secondment and recruitment & selection. In addition, we provide custom solutions. We are happy to discuss everything with you in person.

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What other clients say about us

We are proud of all our clients and would like to let some of them have their say about how they experience working with us!

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