What sets us apart?

  • We establish long-term relationships with you.
  • We provide comprehensive recruitment solutions.
  • We have a strong network of motivated and talented professionals, both nationally and internationally.
  • We are committed and also provide advisory services towards the future.
  • We invest time in thoroughly understanding your company and its culture.

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Our way of work

  1. Getting acquainted
    We’d love to hear who you are, how your company operates, and what challenges you’re facing. Of course, we’re also happy to tell you who we are and how we can assist you further, both in the short and long term.
  2. Designated specialist & point of contact
    Now that we know you a bit better, we’ll assign you to a dedicated account manager who best matches your specialization. This account manager will further immerse themselves in your company culture to achieve the best matches possible.
  3. Open and honest relationship
    As partners, we strive for an open and honest relationship. You can expect us to be involved and remain transparent in our communication with you about the processes underway and the various possibilities available in the field of recruitment.
  4. Success in your recruitment
    We offer you the solution to all your recruitment challenges! Personalized and tailored to your needs!

Meet and greet?

Interested in learning more about our approach or would you like to meet over a cup of coffee or tea? Feel free to contact our director, Monique Oomen, or Commercial Manager, Maikel De Vrindt, directly!

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Managing Director
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LinkedIn Maikel De Vrindt
Commercial Manager
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Our Recruitment Solutions

We’re happy to find the recruitment solution that fits the organization, whether it’s for permanent or temporary roles or for other existing needs. We’re happy to collaborate on:



Interim assignments

We have a wide network of highly educated, experienced freelancers and interim professionals who carry out projects on a temporary basis.

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Recruitment and selection

We are happy to help you (immediately) find new permanent employees who match in terms of qualities and who also add value in terms of mentality and corporate culture.

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Preliminary Secondment & Secondment Assignments

Experienced consultants who directly contribute to the growth and success of your organization. Temporarily via secondment, or with the option of taking over the professional after a pre-agreed period via the detavast construction. We offer this service under our other label True Blue Consultancy.

More about preliminary secondment & secondment assignments

Proud of our clients!

At The Talent Recruiters we are proud of all our clients, or as we prefer to call them: partners, who we work with. Within our company, investing in sustainable relationships is central. In the six years that The Talent Recruiters has existed, we have been able to build up a nice network of partners. Because we are a small company, the relationship is personal and the lines are short. We work from the vision of our founder Monique Oomen to enter into a valuable relationship based on openness and honesty, based on mutual respect. Some relationships have been growing for thirty years from her network and that of our commercial manager Maikel de Vrindt. We are happy to continue this course by continuing to invest in valuable relationships with our current and new partners. Some of the clients we work with are:

What other clients say about us

We are proud of all our clients and would like to let some of them have their say about how they experience working with us!

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