Floris Koldewee

Recruitment Consultant

In office: 

My name is Floris and I have been working with engineering specialists (mainly in software) for over 8 years. I don’t come from an engineering background but my ‘tech-know-how’ is currently fully up-to-date because of the many years that I have been active in this field. I used to think that JAVA was an Island in Indonesia and that the ‘sharp’ in ‘C#’ was a hash-tag, but know I have developed a great interest in anything that could be considered ‘technology’! Talking to engineers with passion for their work and the endless possibilities of complex products is what makes my role at The Talent Recruiters so exciting!  

I like to be a sparringpartner to my clients and candidates, in that way I will be able to find that one ‘diamond’ of a candidate. I am looking to achieve long-term success and I’m not scared to give my honest opinion in order to make the recruitment process a success. My colleagues descripe me as client minded and I agree with them, I like to take on a pro-active mindset to guarantee client success. Quality, reliability and enthusiasm are paramount in my service.

Out of office: 

I am married to Marieke and have 2 daughters: Isa who is 5 and Hannah who is 2. Going on holiday (Italy is by far a favorite), a weekend away, a day at Efteling, going out through the woods and playing games are things I I prefer to do in my spare time. I also like going out for dinner, on a terrace, carnivals and skiing.

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