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In office

The Talent Recruiters is my great passion and pride. I founded the company because it was my wish to lead a recruitment organization based on my own strength, standards and values. I have over 28 years of experience in recruitment and have always invested in relationships. Making a new connection between a professional and a company is always a source of inspiration. Every request and every practical solution I encounter is unique. I experience great joy while doing business and building a great organization with skilled colleagues, I also get energy from sparring with clients and professionals. Due to personal commitment I am able to provide both of them with good tailor-made advice. I am not satisfied untill our clients and professionals have been properly helped. I invest in long-term relationships by communicating openly, honestly, clearly, energetically and personally; this suits me and The Talent Recruiters. 

Over time, many professionals have become my clients, and vice versa! 

Out of office

Traveling across the globe to experience different cultures makes my heart race. On a day-to-day bases I enjoy a good walk with my husband and our dog, preferably on the beach. I also love to cook, I love being in the kitchen and cooking elaborately.

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