Sophie Goldenbeld


In office

My name is Sophie and I am a recruiter at The Talent Recruiters. In my role, my strength lays in my genuine curiosity and interest in connecting people. That, in combination with my focus on results & enthusiasm makes the search for a suitable candidate much easier! The best part of my role as a Recruiter is that by matching the client’s demand with the right candidate, is a long-term relationship is created. In my opinion, you achieve this by asking the right questions and really listening to what the candidate wants.

Out of office

I see myself as a bon vivant from Brabant, I like going out on the terrace, doing fun things, eating out. I am also active, like fitness. In all these activities I prefer to be surrounded by my boyfriend Stef or my friends. I love to travel, my ambition is to one day make a world trip together with Stef!

Contact met Sophie

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